EVA Tote Bag Small Size

EVA Tote Bag Small Size

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Wide range of colors can be customized



This is the globally popular EVA bag with holes, also known as the Rubber Tote Bag by some. Its material is made from the environmentally friendly EVA material, just like the BoggBag, and it is waterproof, durable, lightweight, and odor-free. Originally designed as a stylish and practical beach bag, it has gradually found its way into various other aspects of life, such as being kept in the car’s trunk for unexpected needs.

Moreover, it’s a standout fashion accessory that can be customized with a variety of personal charms, making each bag unique, allowing you to become your own designer. It is undoubtedly a classic among classics, and while many manufacturers and brands continue to introduce new designs, they have yet to surpass the timeless beauty of the classic version.