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A letter for you

Dear Sir or Madam:

I’m Allen Chen. My family has been running a factory in Yiwu, China for 14 years and our main product is EVA beach bag. Have you ever heard of Bogg Bag? Yeah, that’s the kind of bag we make. They are all made of EVA( Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer)the same material as Crocs. If you are looking for the supplier of EVA tote bag, please pay attention to our products and service. I will serve you one-to-one, strictly control the goods quality, and find out the most economical cross-border logistics for you. 

  By the way, I studied abroad in Cardiff, UK before.  I fully understand foreign customer’s high standards about product quality. So if you cooperate with me, I am 100% confident to save you a lot of troubles and make a win-win deal.

  Now, with the rise of low-cost cross-border e-commerce platforms such as TEMU, Shein and Shopee, it is getting harder and harder for overseas sellers to make money. In my opinion, overseas sellers must develop their brands and take advantage of the fast delivery by local logistics to beat the e-commerce giants.

CEO of BrineBuddy
Allen Chen

EVA Rubber Tote Bag Manufacturers in China

Welcome to BrineBuddy’s exclusive assortment, where Rubber Tote Bags meet elegance. These bags have been carefully intended to combine style and strength. We invest heavily in offering faultlessness in each stitch as a pioneering Bag Factory in China.


In view of our inventiveness, we are glad to be a leading Eva Rubber Tote Bag Manufacturer. Our devotion to ecological obligation and cutting-edge design separates us. Find different chic totes and adaptable rubber bags that challenge fashion rules.


Our assortment includes something for everybody. Our bags can be carried to the beach with you serving fashion and functionality together. You might encounter the association of aesthetics and practicality with our amazing Rubber Bag assortment. Your journey for immortal style begins here.

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